Februari 07, 2015

A Day In A Life

I took a driving course this morning, it went a bit wrong but at least no one was hurting. Four hours of a doom hahahaha after that I went home and did a grocery shopping (snack, foods, foods, foods, drinks, candy). By the evening, my family and I went for a dinner (or supper) at McD. I ordered a happy meal which was a menu for kids but who cares.

Spotted a Drunk Happy Meal Box
The reason why I liked happy meal is that you'll  get a present and it's nice. I got this book about Penguins, so funny.
A Wild Pengweng Appears
These day, I'm pretty much just doing nothing productive. There was no classes to be attended nor being said 'holiday'.

Whilst at home by myself (parents at work & bro's at school) I was doing a lot of internet stuff. By stuff I mean, fangirling over tumblr posts about my otps, watching Youtube videos, secretly reading my friends' posts on their social media ( it's creepy i know). I just wanted to know what they're doing, most of them were having a good time eating at this famous restaurant or watching movies or going to places. It's so nice to have a really understanding friends because you can be happy with them. Make a plans and do it together. My plan would be watching anime together while eating a delivery pizza and then talking about nonsense about the protagonist character being too stupid or else. Or maybe just playing board games.

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