Oktober 13, 2012

Random 2

My aunt is telling her son, my cousin with same age, about his mistake. He supposed to visit my mother's house at evening but he didn't. He was everywhere but my mother's house that it absolutely makes his mother burst in anger. And he just came with an incident he had at road. Not that serious but yeah, mother never stops caring. Some people say it's love, some other say it's annoying. To me, mother is both caring and annoying.

I'm listening to the mother-son conversation because they're in the same room with me. No, I'm the first who entered the room and they suddenly appear. But the conversation echo-ing in my head. It was like his mother also give me her advice. Pleaaaaaseee... my mom always gives me her best speech whenever I've done such a bad attitude.

Ah I'm sorry to write this kind of stuff. Oh ya, my exam already started and Chemistry.. I fail. There's still a week for me to finish this exam parade. Wish me luck guys-again.

Oktober 06, 2012


I've read a lot of fic to waste my time. I like to read sad ending story, that's why I love angst or hurt/comfort. When the chara has to be burdened or being miserable, I feel satisfied lol. Sounds a bit masochist hehe but, next Monday is mid semester exam week so I'll try not to read fic by often and do my best. There we meet again, Chemistry.
Wish me luck fella!!

“We grew up trying to push girls away and hang out with only boys. The girls we knew grew up thinking barbies were pretty and glamorous. Why are parents surprised when their daughter thinks another girl is pretty or when their son takes a liking to boys instead of the girls they grew up despising?”

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