Maret 25, 2013

Resume Liburan Usek

I can't believe this day finally come! I mean like sh*t tomorrow is school and I'm not enjoying this holiday yet. All I did were sleeping, watching tv, watching videos, napping, eating, stalking, facebooking, skypin', tweeting, and start all over again. Thankyou for my friends for ignoring my message and not takin it serious while all I want is messing around, together. Jezzz. You can describe me as mammoth then.

I stalk everyone mostly in afternoon since my bro is busy at school with his exam. Couldn't be more happy that the fact E.S students dont get their holiday. I win. Nah, I stalk my friends, friend of my friends, my idol crush, Devon, Zachary, Davedays, and manymooooooore.

Lately Devon and Davedays had post their vine on twitter and it's ridiculously funny(?) especially thevine where Devon's eyes got teary when listening to Set Fire to the Rain. SOOOOO hilarious.