Juli 07, 2014

Mutant Crocodile

It was night when I found out I was in a big place, like a huge farm with its laboratory and stuff. I was standing in a laboratory corridor and didn't see anybody there it was freaking absurd. My mind told me that I need to get out from this place, so I walked a bit faster as I kept watching behind my back in case someone going to stab me or something in that serial killer will happen to me. Then I saw the white door and pulled it. What I saw next was a complete dark but then my eyes adjusted and I could saw it was a farm and there's a highway outside. Oh God yes, I will survive this creepy laboratory.

I was no longer walking-a-bit-faster bacause I was running to the gate of freedom when I heard a sound around me. My body freeze as I figured about five crocodiles were crawling towards me with their silly-short feet but the doom wasn't over, they opened their freaking mouth with a razor-look-a-like teeth ready to eat me alive. I screamed and swore whatever crossed my mind and I need to get back to that laboratory. I ran with a speed of Michael Schumacher's F1 car and completed the race. I locked the door and spied the crazy reptile from the window. It still there, with their mouth open as someone will give a tons of flesh to them. After the sudden accident, I made sure that I locked the door and went through the creepy corridor thinking what should I do next to escape this little hell. Right at the end of this crridor there were another crocodiles, my life ruined forever. It's a baby crocodile but it shared the same teeth like the one outside. I couldn't feel my legs and all of the sudden it was dark again.

I woke up (in a bed) by a beeping sound and two women were next to me wearing a white clothes, it's a lab coat! They were wearing a face mask and doing something with that beeping machine and all that chemical liquids beside it. I also saw a door next to my bed and there were a big glass window and there were people behind it, wearing the same attire, I guessed they're a manic scientist. After that I was feeling super ill when I heard the two women talked to the people in the other room with a wire about some infection caused by crocodile. The next ten minutes talking and suddenly the woman that held the wire started to vomit a blood from her mouth. The other woman shocked and flinched a bit from her friend, but what I saw next was truly horrifying. The vomit was stopped but her stomach burst and made an explosion sound, blood was all over her coat. I was terrified by that. I managed to collect my sould and try my best to move to other room. I  hold my breath and I succeed. I entered the other room with the manic scientist that didn't realized yet that I was no longer in my first room. Then the another woman from my first room did the same thing, a blood vomiting and another explosion happened. It was a mental. The damaged done. This room consisted of two men and a woman they were working on their computer or whatsoever machine and still didn't aware that I escaped from that mortifying room. Then I catched a look at the huge mirror, there was a greeny brown human with two legs and it has a quite big mouth and a big jaw featured with tiny razor teeth, and I swear to God it's horrendous. That's me in whatever the mutation done to me.

Then I actually woke up in real life, in my real bed. My day ruined by that dream. I will now forever not look at the crocodile the same like before. I spent one hour contemplating what was that I dream about, what was happening before oh god.