September 08, 2012

Big Solution

This town is too hot I can't help anymore but anyway I'm still survived from poisoned food. So I've made a big solution for this unfinished case. In order to share my opinions, I warn you that this is just something-not-so-important- even to make the iceberg remains frozen.

The first one is I need a new hair cut. Military style? No, just cut it shorter

Second, I need to open the windows or the door so the air cycle turns better and cooler and I have to flirt with those mosquitos all night long.

3rd, take a bath as soon as I felt hot. But this is the most difficult solution. Beside the fact that I'm not the water-addict and the activity is wasting our clean water. We use shampoo, soap, and toothpaste which are contained a lot of anorganic composition. Let me simplify this, I'm too el-a-zi-wai. If you know what I mean.. 


September 01, 2012

The 3rd is..

Hoo yeaaah. Never ending laugh watching this movie since its first time. Dunno what would happen to such real-bullied-middle-school-student Greg and Rowley, but I guess that Rodrick might still be the cool-good-brat-brother. Hahaha
Already watched the trailer and there was a funny scene on the pool hehe. Poor Greg!
I wonder when this movie will be delivered to theatre in this town. Should I download or buy it illegally? I wish Dog Days will be at the theatre soon. Sooner better-_-

And like the other high school student, I got a try out and Chemistry is a total wreck. Why does the atom release its electron? What on earth dipol-dipol is and I just too careless to read the question properly? WHY?!! Couldn't get worse when your teacher said the TO score as for your daily task's score.